5 ponderations among Spiritual Friends

5 ponderations among Spiritual Friends

5 ponderations among Spiritual Friends  


When a person worries about what they shouldn’t, they suffer what they wouldn’t need to. 

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 


If the doubt stuns you in the intellect and the conflict agitates you in the emotional, transform them into an evolutionary question, asking your conscience about what to do, probing specialists who can help you in specific points of your journey, consulting, as much as possible, Spiritual Mentors, free from matter or embodied ones, who foster the perception of broader panoramas of purpose. 

 Gustavo Henrique (Spirit) 


From fallibility — an inexorable human condition — you can not escape, but to avoid mistakes inappropriate to your evolutionary level constitutes a permanent duty, so that you do not collapse your psyche into disorders concerning the deviation from the mandatory route for all conscious creatures: to favor, deliberately, the path of personal development. 

Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit) 


Sitting on the edge of the bed to pray and hear the inspiration of Heaven is almost an archetype: an improvised altar, for millennia, including variants as using the bed as an improvised kneeler, where to rest the elbows. From the Neolithic caves to the cozy beds of today, going to sleep or wakening up in a meditative state, entrusting oneself to the task of reflection for a few minutes, has been, for the human being, a special window of intuitive communication between the two Domains of Life. 

 Temístocles (Spirit) 


To get out of the comfort zone is an indisputable need for those who want to catalyze both their psychological maturation and personal fulfillment. A dynamic balance, however, must be favored between leaving what is convenient and known and remaining in a state of flow — another important evolutionary approach —, which is a state experienced when one maintain oneself in a quasi-automatic movement of the realization of one’s own responsibilities and/or of the vocational creative activity to which one has been assigned by the Divinity, but in such a spontaneous and fertile way, in which one performs tasks “as if ” they required no effort. 

Demétrius (Spirit) 


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)  

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil 

September 23, 2017 

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