Irrevocable suffering

Irrevocable suffering

Embrace, dear friend, what has been assigned to you, by God, as a quota of irrevocable suffering.

You will know you are dealing with this kind of indisputable vicissitude, when linked to it are, in a inextricably and indissolubly manner, grave moral duties [...]

A dialogue on the abuses of power

A dialogue on abuses of power


Eugênia, do you want to speak to our netizens?



What subject would you like me to address?

The subject about abuses of power.

Right. What do you have to tell us?

That it is human nature to commit abuses [...]

Finding ideal companies

Finding ideal companies


Do you want to find ideal companies? Live your ideals. Become an accomplished and interesting person, via the happiness that will naturally exude from you.

Then, you will notice that neither you are ideal nor can people be ideal, but you will attract better companies and will [...]