How spiritual guides act and what to expect of guardian angels

How spiritual guides act and what to expect of

 guardian angels


Spiritual guides or instructors, guardian angels or any Force that represent God for the human creature, have the role of facilitating, catalyzing, inspiring and  supra ordinating, and not of presenting ready answers or solutions, except on rare occasions. If they acted as an open source for immediate resolution of problems, they would become true “evolutionary thieves”, incurring a similar error to that of the teacher who does the homework for the student and does not let them exercise what they learn.


Only through their own experiences (even if assisted) of trial, hits and misses, can human beings, in the process of developing the intelligence and the feelings, of expanding the consciousness and the lucidity, find the genuine (for they are very personal) pathways, answers, choices and solutions for each drama, challenge or question they face, in the infinite ocean of space-time, until their total transcendence, in the mystical ascension to Eternity… in the glorious immersion in the Bosom of Divinity.


Thus, May no one expect from  authentic spiritual teachers – whether they are free from dense matter or encapsulated in it – precise, objective and specific formulas for the needs and perplexities that each individual must, respectively, attend to and dissolve by him or herself.


This warning is of paramount importance. First, because the idea of having someone who shows, at no cost, the map of one’s evolutionary path (which is unique, varying from person to person) is too convenient. Second, because one will easily find, in the physical and/or in the extra-physical plane of existence, those who wish to present predefined norms and schemes for the thought and behavior of others, often degenerating into subtle or crass control and manipulation, be it in the family, professional, academic or therapeutic environment, be it in the field of religions or the mediumistic interaction with other dimensions of consciousness.


Freedom of discernment and action is an inalienable and inviolable concession of Divine Origin. The great and continuous challenge-lesson, however, consists in recognizing the mental voices (internal or external), that truly resonate with one’s own consciousness (which naturally tunes in with the Will of God and His-Her representatives), distinguishing them from other psychic voices (inside or outside oneself), which reveal themselves, after a more accurate analysis, to be vectors of prejudice, of castrating moralism and of diabolical fanaticism, always leading to routes of extreme and avoidable suffering, of an undefinable time span, for all of those who allow themselves to be entangled by their seductive traps of sophism and ill-concealed malevolence.

These deceiving and sinister mental vectors quite commonly appear, to the eyes of those less cautious, as elaborated and well-finished manifestations of the Good. Let us remember the grave alert of Jesus: “Watch and pray, so that you will not fall into temptation”… and also the unforgettable and almost frightening Christic warning: “Strive to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because narrow is the door that leads to salvation…”



Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

January 29, 2016


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