To better receive the help from Heaven

To better receive the help from Heaven 


You tell me that you are suffering a lot, in various departments of your existence. However, if you have not yet established the disciplines with the Essential, such as: 1) at least 15 minutes of daily prayer, 2) weekly attendance to a group of spiritual studies and collective prayers, and 3) the systematic practice of Christian solidarity, it will be useless to seek me or beings of the Plan of Good, because you yourself have not yet decided on the field of the Greater Good. 

Commit yourself to Heaven, keeping yourself prepared to serve It and truly serving It, in the person of your neighbor, and then it will be easy to become permeable to receive the Assistance from Above, in an effective, lasting and profound way. 


Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit) 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 

December 10, 2016 

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