Women and the salvation of the Earth

Women and the salvation of the Earth



Why don’t women officiate mass? 


Why are there so few female pastors? 


Why are female spiritual leaders rare, even in India — a country less contaminated by patriarchal prejudice? 


Why the strangeness and resistance in accepting My Mother as a Being on the Christic level of Consciousness? 



Women have always been My best disciples. Only one female apostle, Magdalene, besides one male apostle, the most delicate and sensitive of all, John, accompanied Me in the necessary and mystical torture of the Crucifixion. 

Our Father said, from the very first biblical book, the Genesis, that He would put enmity between the forces of evil and the Woman (1). The Woman who is MARY, but also the Woman in the generic sense. With this, it was declared, as a sacred prophecy, thousands of years ago, that the salvation of this planet was and is in the hands of the feminine gender of the human species. 

How many women have declared war? 

How many women have been tyrants or committed genocide? 

How many women have participated in scientific projects of mass extermination? 

How many women have been serial killers? 

How many women are kidnappers or terrorists?… 


On the other hand, where the following traits can be most found, in men or in women: 

The spirit of fraternal service? 

The solidary impulse toward strangers? 

The disposition of self-sacrifice for loved ones? 

The impetus to indiscriminate charity? 

The mercy toward animals? 

The compassion even when it concerns criminals? 

The experience of participative and conscious leadership? 

The sense of social responsibility? 

The mobilization for ecological issues? 

The sense of altruism and integration among the peoples of the globe? 

The greatest openness to accepting differences, respecting minorities and welcoming new trends of universal fraternity? 


In short, where is there more awareness of community, humanism, Christianity and spirituality?  

In women, in women, always in women!… 


The Spirit is eternal, and travels through various physical bodies, varying in gender, over the centuries. However, at the Earth’s present evolutionary level, the difference in the coefficient of expression of the noblest values ​​of humanity between, men and women, is striking, with significant predominance of superiority for the female portion of the population. 

There are exceptions, obviously, and there will be for a long time (until the disparities between genders are diluted, as humanity evolves), so much in the presence of valiant and even sublime men, as in the existence of petty and even diabolical women … However, one cannot deny the facts, historical and present, irrefutable and shameful, frightening and worrisome, related to the very serious social, cultural and, unfortunately, even religious imbalances and injustices, which take place on the whole globe, regarding Femininity and the entire female demographic contingent!… 

Be it in the Person of My Mother, Our Mother, MARY, Representative of the Maternal Side of God, be it in the people, including all women of the planet or in the underlying femininity in men or institutions, it will be the Woman who will overcome the powers of evil and will concede to Good the definitive victory, on the surface of this orb, as it was prophesied in the Bible, in Genesis: the Woman shall tread on the head of the serpent (1), the multimillennial enemy of this humanity!… 

As I bequeathed to John, my beloved apostle, I again bequeath to all of you, whom he represented at the time of My Messianic Work: 

- Son, here is your Mother!… 

In the image of the Woman is, the hope, the redemption, the salvation — both in the individual and in the collective sense —, the authentic and definitive path to paradise on Earth!… 

Message from Our Master and Lord JESUS  

Intermediation of the Spirit Matheus-Anacleto 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 

December 10, 2016 

(1) Genesis 3:15 

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