Assembly about sadness

Assembly about sadness

From the dimension of your sadness, you can measure the extent of the joy that you are denying to yourself.



Do not give up on your dreams, otherwise, sadness will inhabit your heart, rotting the most precious cells of your soul and making your life a continuous nightmare.



Count with other’s joy, in your plans to be happy. Not considering the good you can do for your fellow brother or sister is to condemn yourself to the pain of seeing in ruins the most cherished ideals of your own heart.

Gustavo Henrique.


There is no joy without Christ in the heart. Sadness is a heart within the tomb, where Jesus has not yet resurrected.

Sister Brígida.


Sadness is the ridiculous self-pity of those who still have not realized that they can be happy, if they manage their own life properly.



Start your day with a prayer. A day with God, a happy day. A day without God, an abyss of all evils, that begins with a complete lack of joy.



Sadness is the clearest display of ignorance about oneself. When there is good self-knowledge, there is good emotional and mental management, in a way that there is no room for long stays in the psychological valley of sadness.



I do not want to talk about sadness. I just want to talk about joy, and there is no joy without love. Fill your life with love, and you will have a happy life. Love transforms and edifies everything. This has been said a lot; now, it is time to start practicing it.



Have you ever paid attention in the grave mien of those who take themselves too seriously? Relax, and understand the good humor as an escape valve for your own madness. When you are about to explode, burst into laughter. What cannot be solved today will be solved tomorrow. Relax a little and you will notice that what seems so serious is nothing more than a mere moment.



Your unconscious hides emotional secrets from you that should be probed, studied and elaborated. Without inner work on the undesirable aspects of yourself, there cannot be peace, much less the joy of living. The psychological shadow ignored and suppressed is the devil that haunts all dreams of happiness.



They converted the sadness of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Saints of the Church into religious iconographies, as a model of virtue. It is not possible to be happy, while one does not overcome prejudice and guilt, which, consequently, involves living satisfied and fulfilled. To be a saint is to be, above all things, very happy. Because those who approach sanctity impregnate themselves with God, and there cannot be a greater happiness than that.



Turn your sadness into stimuli toward the discovery of your happiness. Your pain has something to tell you: assimilate its content, and it will dissipate naturally. As a result, you will have, then, additional resources to advance toward your personal fulfillment and toward the achievement of the plenitude



Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spiritual Friends
March 23, 2001

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