Apparition of MARY and Her Speech about Earth’s Mass Purge.

Apparition of MARY and Her Speech about Earth’s Mass Purge


Our lovely Holy Mother appeared tearful to our compact assembly of souls devotedto Her Person and, when the process of Apparition was concluded, She told us, touching our hearts deeply: 


“I cannot wait to redeem this aching planet from its extensive and extreme tests and hardships, in the course of successive millennia, intensified in many aspects, in its present evolutionary frame.

 We, the ones who have received the responsibility for the Guardianship of the Earth, especially Its Great Leader, the Christ-Verb Jesus, want the prophecies of the establishment of an Eden of undying and genuine happiness to take place, as soon as possible, on the crust of the orb. This, however, will never happen through violence against the average free will of the earthly population, including its vast contingent of disembodied spirits.

Thus, the Parousia, the Second Coming of the Christ, the establishment of the Christic diapason of Consciousness, needs to happen collectively, or tragedies over tragedies, of small or large scale, will keep on happening, as goads to the inevitable individual and planetary awakening.

All should strive ardently to compose the Network of fraternity, goodwill and spirituality, because for those who do not tune into this range of mental communion, centered in the spirit of humanism and universal solidarity, there will be no alternative, when most of the inhabitants of the globe achieve a minimum standard of faith, hope and good deeds: they will be irretrievably purged to an inferior world, of a prehistoric age, the so-called ‘outer darkness’, in outer space, to which Jesus alluded, where there will be, to an extent and depth for now inconceivable, ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth …’of many !… (Matthew 8:12)

It is up to each one to choose one’s own fate, now!…”


After these moving words, with an indefinable expression of sorrow for the immeasurable suffering that is to come for millions of spirits, in the physical body or outside of it, in our little planetary corner, the Sacrosanct Image of Her who represents to us the Maternal side of God disappeared before our minuscule audience, who was in charge of transmitting, to the greatest possible number of people, the grave Motherly warning.


Message from the Holy MARY

Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

July 4, 2015

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