Holy Mary’s apparition to the Holy Mothers of Heaven.

Holy Mary’s apparition to the Holy Mothers of Heaven


Pious Mothers from around the globe gathered in that assembly, so solemn as paradoxically spontaneous and light. At a certain time during dawn, according to Paris time zone, Catarina Labouré concentrated, swiftly diving into a deep trance.

Her spiritual body, in a few minutes, released a significant amount of whitish mass –the equivalent, in our domain of existence, to the ectoplasm of mediumistic materializations.

Few moments later, and the misty volume, with a consistency between milky and spongy, acquired progressively sharper forms until the Sacrosanct Image of Mary of Nazareth appeared before our audience of motherly souls.

Some of our sisters of Catholic origin immediately fell on their knees; others from the Middle and Far East curved themselves until their foreheads touched the ground. Tears and whispering of prayers filled the place, while caressing and replenishing Vibrations of the Higher Mother embraced us and pervaded our hearts.

Without making any effort of translation, we all captured telepathically or by listening in the preferred language of each one, the very wise words of the Spiritual Mother of the Earth.

Love, charity and fraternity.

Love for all creatures. Charity toward those who need it most.

Fraternity toward the agents of evil.

Which implies:

Generosity toward those whom we already love. Discipline in the service to those whom we owe assistance. And solidary justice in regards to those who still navigate the seas of delinquency.

Such is the Divine Law. Such is the only way to achieve all the objectives of profound realization, transcendence and happiness, for individuals and peoples, today and always.”




Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

25 October 2014


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