Suspended nuclear Armageddon.

Suspended nuclear Armageddon.


On September 4 of the previous year, in a sublime moment of congregation of friends of our Level of Consciousness, we received a direct manifestation of the Higher Mother of humanity, in the form of a brief note materialized amid an extraordinary and unspeakably beautiful chorus of redeemed Beings, invisible to the eyes of our assembly.

The Letter that came to us with the “vibratory seal” of the Holy Mary said, briefly:

Hail, for innumerable reasons, the Infinite Goodness of the Maternal Face of GOD! Hail once more, for She pitied earthly humanity once again and authorized a new suspension of the nuclear Armageddon that would occur at the end of this decade, according to the calendar of the physical domain of existence.

Hail! Hail the endless Mercy of the Creator Mother, who, once again, attended to the repeated requests of salvation of the planet…

The brief Missive, whose words leaped, with a life of its own, inside our minds, swiftly dissipated, before the gaze of contrition of all, engraving itself in the interiority of our souls, forever…

 Let’s collaborate with Her and with GOD-Mother, doing what is within our reach for the irradiation of peace and of fraternity, in prayer and in diligent actions for the common good of the entire civilization…



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

3 April 2016

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