Goodness and Prayer.

Goodness and Prayer.


Isolated in my private chamber, I waited, in prayer, for the

Manifestation of Our Pious Mother.

At the time of the Angelus (as it has been usual lately, for the transmission of Her Messages), I was transported to another place and found myself gently positioned at the Feet of the One in Whom we revere the Maternal Image of God.

She was seated in a magnificent stone chair, which gave me the idea of a throne. Majestic and beautiful as ever, She looked at me with indefinable tenderness and spoke, through the wireless of thought, which I will try to put into the Lusophone vernacular:


 My daughter:
Take, for goodness sake, this request of mine to all the good-willed hearts:
Let there be more kindness in dealing with the creatures and more dedication to the essential habit of prayer, an indispensable discipline for the profound communion with the mental planes of the Good.
With these two disciplinary items: kindness and systematic prayer, the barricades of evil will not endure for long, and when the malign infiltration of forces opposed to the happiness and to the peace of humans occur, the detoxification processes will be simpler and faster…

The Great Mother of Humanity told me a few more “little things”, no longer with the purpose of publicizing them, and minutes later, hours perhaps… out of the sense and standard of earthly time, “I came back to myself,” in the small cell, in tears of gratitude for the opportunity to serve Her, for so many centuries… to serve Her, if granted to me, forever!…



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

18 June 2015


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