Assembly about sadness

Assembly about sadness

From the dimension of your sadness, you can measure the extent of the joy that you are denying to yourself.



Do not give up on your dreams, otherwise, sadness will inhabit your heart, rotting the most precious cells of your soul and making your [...]

Apparition of MARY and Her Speech about Earth’s Mass Purge.

Apparition of MARY and Her Speech about Earth’s Mass Purge

Our lovely Holy Mother appeared tearful to our compact assembly of souls devotedto Her Person and, when the process of Apparition was concluded, She told us, touching our hearts deeply:


“I cannot wait to redeem this aching planet from its extensive [...]

Hidden Happiness.

Hidden Happiness

“Transmute sadness into the exercise of the pursuit of joy, in less happy contexts.

Face the free hostility of others as an opportunity to develop, in yourself, more refined relational and psychological skills.

Interpret the need, of any kind, as a stimulus to find means or new resources to feel good.

God does [...]

Holy Mary’s apparition to the Holy Mothers of Heaven.

Holy Mary’s apparition to the Holy Mothers of Heaven


Pious Mothers from around the globe gathered in that assembly, so solemn as paradoxically spontaneous and light. At a certain time during dawn, according to Paris time zone, Catarina Labouré concentrated, swiftly diving into a deep trance.

Her spiritual body, in [...]

Suspended nuclear Armageddon.

Suspended nuclear Armageddon.


On September 4 of the previous year, in a sublime moment of congregation of friends of our Level of Consciousness, we received a direct manifestation of the Higher Mother of humanity, in the form of a brief note materialized amid an extraordinary and unspeakably beautiful chorus of redeemed Beings, invisible [...]