Comforting fundamental truth

Comforting fundamental truth 

  (Everything, truly everything is right.) 


You should never forget the fundamental words of the great sages of the human past:  

“Everything is fundamentally right”, “nothing is out of place”; and, finally, understand that, in this Universe where all things are irrevocably interconnected, the Divine Providence not rarely makes use of “negative” resources to attain constructive ends. No one, therefore, should perceive as “unjust”, “unnecessary” or “avoidable” situations that have made up the web of their destinies, even because guilt could be activated to retract the creative and curative potentials of the soul. 

There is no need to be sad or worried. Everything is all right! God allows “sin” (missing the target because of ignorance), pain, death and tragedy, so that the being seeks knowledge, self-control and peace, in such a way that, consequently, everything else transmutes for the better. 

Be careful with the optics of accepting everything, passively, which can, undoubtedly, lead to slackness and to omission, but such interpretation and attitude would constitute a serious misapplication of the principle, because, paradoxically, through human free will and its initiatives, the Divine Will likewise manifests Itself, edifying the best, in both collective and individual affairs.  

So, be sure: everything is alright!… everything is always alright!… but you must, persistently and intelligently, cooperate so that good is achieved and maximized, in your own life, as well as in the lives of those who are influenced by your direct or indirect radius of action. 

Do you want to better understand the Universe of which you are part? Pray more, meditate more, study more. Ponder on the relationship among all the apparently disconnected departments of your psyche and your external reality – having, at one end of the spectrum, the physical needs and, at the other, the aspirations of spiritual matter —, and you will notice, easily, that imagination, creativity, cognition, logic, mediumship, intuition, all the powers of the human mind as well as the psychological disorders, such as neuroses, compulsions and various emotional maladjustments, work for the integration of the individual, toward totality. Only, the destructive aspects must be directed (and digested) by healthful guiding principles, which facilitate the conduction of the individual to their plenitude, toward the fusion of all psychological opposites within their own psyche, as well as the component elements of their outer world, thus favoring the achievement of integral healing, of health as the full and harmonic functionality of all dimensions of the being. 

 And this, of course, is not easy, but in the core of any genuine religious practice, there is necessarily the proposition and the continuous stimulus for the individual to seek their own spirituality, through the attuning with the axis of their own-Self, so that the Universe and its undivided-Totality can manifest itself, through a process of resonance with the inner balance of the creature. What implies to say, in a reverse manner, that the individual whose psyche remains split, fragmented and conflictive, in itself, will notice all around them — as they will attract to their direction — all kinds of illness, division, disharmony and unhappiness. Hence, the responsibility for one’s own well-being, progress and inner fulfillment is, inexorably and inalienably, personal. 


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar  

October 28, 2007.  

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