The UN and the Earth.

The UN and the Earth.


“Seventy years ago, the United Nations was created to end all wars and, above everything, to prevent a third conflagration of global proportions… an Organization to avoid the Armageddon. It is not perfect—it is human—, but it attempts to succeed and intervene for the good, and to reprimand governments, and to uplift fallen peoples, and to guide lost nations, and to create a debate amongst all, and, above all, to keep alive the flame of hope, of solidarity and peace between individuals and global communities.

Let us not abandon any efforts, from the minuscule to those of global proportions, to bring, a little every day, the Kingdom of fraternity and goodness, the Kingdom of God promised and prophesied by Jesus, because Its establishment will happen, in part, as a Grace of Heaven, but It will also come, on the other hand, through the merits of the initiatives and choices of human beings and groups on Earth, embodied and disembodied, working together in the effort to break free from the archaic and diabolical monster of four hideous heads: war, hunger, ignorance and wickedness. “



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

24 October 2015

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