Heart of Light.

 Heart of Light.


The mammoth sphere of White Light stood before us. After brief moments, smiling and tender, the Holy Image of Mary of Nazareth delineated Itself.

Her Hands gracefully spread a little above the bust, in our direction, seemed to offer Her August Heart, which was the Center of all the Light that was poured where we were.

Moving the lips subtly, as if she spoke another language, which, to me, seemed Ancient Greek, by one or another word that looked more obvious in the lip reading, we heard, however, in clear and modern Portuguese, a brief Message exclusive to the reduced assembly that we formed, of mothers and fathers of the Plan of the Good.

Concluded this first Talk, Our Lady turned Her Eyes to me, in particular, and asked me to retransmit to the physical domain of existence, the paradoxically simple and majestic Message that She began to dictate to us. And, as She enunciated the Missive in the language of Camões, with Her velvety and imposing Voice, the Great Mother gradually made me listen, although almost whispered, a “second Voice”, candid and touching, articulating in fact in Greek of past millennia the same following Announcement.


“You, my daughter, tell the world that I have not forgotten it.
Tell men and women of goodwill that I continue to watch over all, with the natural intensity of a mother’s heart. But also say, My daughter, that there is no mercy of God that violates the free will of the creatures, even when they choose to perpetuate (albeit unconsciously) their own miseries, because then it would no longer be mercy but tyranny.
So, let each one strive to tune to the Goodness of Heaven, through the possible amount of goodness that one can unfold on Earth…”



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

12 September 2015

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