Assembly about the Pathway.

Assembly about the pathway.


Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, to awaken the not yet activated layers of psychic content and to elaborate conscience, toward even higher levels of lucidity and experience.




Let your life take unexpected routes, in the hands of Jesus. The Christ awaits your full trust of who knows to walk through paths defined by the Will of God. For that, however, do not disregard the fulfillment of your duties, every day.

Sister Brígida.



Do not push your luck; yet do not refrain from counting with the flux of Life. Everything, in fact, as stated in Taoism, left by Lao Tzu, is a grand Flux, what the notable luminary Chinese called the Tao—which can, roughly, be translated into: path. Do your part, but remember that there is a higher Law-Conscience that underlies everything, that harvests efforts and gauges merits, continually, making the seeds of the initiatives in the goodness sprout and develop toward  maturity of events and results.




Every time, my child, that you run away from happiness, you run away from your own destiny. Not in the sense of seeking ephemeral pleasures, but rather in being on the path of the realization of your soul, which, in fact, brings you lasting and deep satisfaction. Think about it carefully and be aware when making choices, when making major decisions in your life and even in the small ones, of every day. Choose well-being: choose the path of your soul.




Ethics, decency, morals are not empty words or dangerous abstractions, in an excessively competitive world. Only through the straightforward path of consciousness is it possible to be in tune with the level of excellence, of plenitude and of peace, in all existential departments.




Look at the steps of those who preceded you on the journey that you undertake today, and you will notice the important signs to take note of. It is not possible to build a secure future without a good understanding of the edifications of the past. The past is the foundation on which we erect, in the present, the building of future realizations.




Be practical and do not get lost with the trifles on your path. Laugh at yourself, but do not laugh at your job or at your family, or at your values and ideals. Remember that there is no point in cursing at the night, for the dawn has not yet arrived. Each thing has its own incubation time, and it behooves you, after having paid your dues, to wait patiently.

Roberto Daniel. 


Religion—in its deepest sense, of genuine religiosity, of spirituality—is a great pathway for all of those who aspire to plenitude. Seek God, my friend, so that the Divine Providence connects you to the Forces of Life. Thus, you can enjoy the abundance in your existence, in every way. Only for those who seek God, life acquires, in fact and completely, the purpose, the meaning and the flavor so much sought after in external achievements, and which, without Him-Her, sooner or later, turn into frustration.

Gustavo Henrique.


(Message received by the medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar on December 7, 2001)

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