Loving Mother.

Loving Mother.


I am the Mother, to those, on Earth, who do not see the Mother-GOD everywhere…

I am the Mercy, for those, in the earthly orb, who do not perceive the Infinite Mercy of the Creator…

I am the Love, to those, on this planet, who do not see the Divine Love permeating [...]

Heart of Light

The mammoth sphere of White Light stood before us. After brief moments, smiling and tender, the Holy Image of Mary of Nazareth delineated Itself. Her Hands gracefully spread a little above the bust, in our direction, seemed to offer Her August Heart, which was the Center of all the Light that was poured where we [...]

Assembly about the Pathway.

Assembly about the pathway.

Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, to awaken the not yet activated layers of psychic content and to elaborate conscience, toward even higher levels of lucidity and experience.




Let your life take unexpected routes, in the hands of Jesus. The Christ awaits [...]

Cock-and-bull story

Part of “Cock-and-bull story”.



Approach, now, a coworker or a classmate, smile calmly an ask him or her, “do you need something?”, “are you fine?”… or “just” smile!…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Lucas Desiderium.

Read in full at: “Cock-and-bull [...]

Cock-and-bull story.

Part of “Cock-and-bull story”.


Do you take part in the group that believes that practicing acts of kindness opens up space for abuse or to be undervalued? Think twice: if someone, because you were kind, even moderately, distances themselves from you, or behaves in an unjust manner, would it not be good to [...]