Existential Mission.

Existential mission


Determination is fundamental. If you do not know what your goal is, or whether or not you really want or should do something, you end up establishing, within yourself, a war of inner forces that consume your energies, making you unproductive, ineffective, confused, insecure, conflicted, and unhappy.

Obviously, we do not need to hold on to a specific goal throughout our lives. It is possible, and often necessary, to change course or even destination, as long as we realize this is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, right or wrong, we all should have defined goals, or we will be induced by external Intelligences, usually by the forces of “opposition”, since the Divine Powers await our personal choice, never invading one’s field of intimate decisions.

Note that weeds thrive without us needing to plant them. However, to have a high quality harvest, it is indispensable to sow, after preparing the ground, and also, fertilize, irrigate, avoid pests, ensuring that the natural process of crop growth suffers no interruption caused by any incidental factors.

No one can claim not to know what one is on Earth for. If you, my dear reader, are not yet aware of the purpose that brought you to the physical world, browse your conscience, listen to your intuition, pray, asking God for inspiration, consult friends, older, wiser and more experienced individuals… and above all, do not rest, until you find an answer, even if it is one that is temporary, to this question which is the basis of all others. Be certain that, if you really want the answer, it will come. It is God Who wants it. There are also creative means, which are in truth, signs that the Divine Providence affixed-affix in your life to point out the path to follow. Flaws and limitations are one fundamental area. Qualities and innate tendencies are another, complementary to the first. Study the evils and virtues in yourself, observe the vocation(s)  you bring from the cradle, or the one(s) you have developed over time. All of this is a strong indication of what can be related to the program for your present existence.

Another suggestive area is one concerning inevitable existential circumstances. The parents from whom you were born, the homeland you were born in, the social class you belonged to during childhood, etc. Be it to overcome difficulties, developing new skills, or be it to learn to live with them. Great signs from Heaven are found in inexorable situations of your life, pointing out the path of your personal realization.

Regardless, be sure of this: you must have an objective, a goal, a purpose for living. The animal-conscious-being cannot live healthily and happily without a meaning for its existence.

Give meaning to your journey on Earth. Spiritual guides and incarnated mentors, the family and the dominant culture can do a lot for you, but nothing essentially, and they may even become detrimental, if you do not define yourself; if you do not take on the reins of your own life.

Determine yourself, even if for the impossible. Define yourself, even if for the improbable, because even impracticable dreams can inspire and nurture the soul, whereas an empty heart is a wide open door to despair and all deviations and miseries in which a human being can incur.

Make your declaration of personal mission. Write it down, if possible, even if you destroy it later or keep it in a safe place. Do not let your life pass in vain. Bring to the conscious level what was assigned to you as your life’s master plan before your reincarnation, and, when necessary, rewrite this script, but do not remain inert.

It does not matter the dimension of your mission, but the sense of having a mission to live. God does not consider the size of a project, but the sincerity of purposes in doing the task. Listen to your heart. No matter what the world says, follow your conscience and your intuition, because, ultimately, the person responsible for you and the miseries or success in which you get into, today and tomorrow, is, simply and solely, yourself.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

By the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

25 April 1998


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