The Great Truth.

The Great Truth.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.

The truth is neither in the field of philosophical speculation nor in the circle of scientific experimentation. Philosophical thinking broadens and deepens horizons, whereas scientific research verifies and consolidates areas of inquiry and analysis. But only the heart can intuit purpose, objective, and meaning in all that exists.

Do not be impressed by the sophistries of philosophy or by the riddles of science. Be marvelled only by the voice of the ideal, of the fulfilled duty, of the conscience, of the sentiment. The world would collapse in an instant without the spirit of devotion, without tenderness, friendship, and the affection that binds people to one another, even if in small measures, even if through fragmentary and torn bonds. It is the heart that sustains the world. The parents’ love for their children, the love between siblings and friends, the fraternity among the followers of a cause… that’s what keeps societies together despite all evil forces that arise all the time, fighting to crumble them. Although hesitant and small, if it wasn’t for the genuine affection that spreads around the world like an invisible web of love… then the whole civilization would be ripped apart and instantly plunged into chaos and complete destruction.

Thus, if you wish to offer a valuable contribution to the world, to people and to yourself, offer love: A love with a rational basis, a love with both feet on the ground, a love with a sense of proportion, with perception and intelligence, but yet, still love. Through love, humanities have risen and fallen (because of its absence)… through love, humanities will achieve the transcendence of the angels.

It doesn’t matter whether your love is big or small: offer it. This is what the world needs the most. And then, you will be tuning in with The Most High, making yourself, on Earth, a channel of The One who is Love…

(Message received January 3, 2002.)

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