Faith on solid grounds

Faith on solid ground


Derive your faith from love, and it will be unbreakable.

The reason, undoubtedly, should assist you in establishing the foundations of your spiritual convictions, otherwise, they will either turn into fanatical certainties or simply dilute as fairytales before the flash of science.

Love is an absolute and transcendent phenomenon. Mature parents intuit, for example, that they cannot restrict to the mere bioelectrochemical occurrences in the brain the enormity and depth of their feelings for their children, even though they acknowledge, when informed, the value and the weight of molecular and electrical exchanges inside the encephalic machine.

Similarly, the love we devote to God and especially, the noticeable Love the Creator has for both us and His-Her Creation, as a Whole, constitutes something indefinable and transcendental, untranslatable into the extremely meager human language…

They manifest a character of serene realism that makes lucid and veteran devotees to quietly laugh at the theoretical sophistries and stratagems of those who use intellect to overelaborate on what is actually substance and matter of the spirit, affection, and intuition, of an supra-complex  logic that overshadows the simplistic complication of those who deny the existence of the Divine.

These individuals, who are too concerned about using reason on matters which are meant to be felt, are taken by the rough paradigm that intellectual sophistication excludes poetry, music, amazement, ecstasy, hope, friendship, love … God and Eternity!…


 Holy MARY
Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

June 06, 2015



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