The Mother of Us All.



The Mother of Us All.

Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humankind – 02.

She was enveloped in light – She is and was Living Light – She  appeared to us once again, in the middle of the field, as a solar explosion that we could gaze at (without hurting our “spiritual retinas”) and receive within our own beings, impregnating us with Her luminous emanations. We moved closer (the same small group from the first Visit, myself included) and listened to Her brief words, which we partially reproduce here, in accordance with the interest and collective needs of the humankind living in today’s Earth:

“I am the Mother of the Earth. The planet needs a Mother metaphorically, psychologically and spiritually speaking. Violence of any kind, the various processes of degradation of modern women and men, and the aggravating competitiveness, which disrespects human dignity, demand a welcoming, cooperative and unifying inspiration.

God features a Maternal-Feminine Side – since She-He is The Absolute and contains all attributes and qualities knowable to the human mind, as well as an infinity of other predicates and powers outside the range of understanding of the psyche in the human level of consciousness. In this historic period of the earth’s civilization, the Figure of the Female Giving-Creator becomes especially needed, so that the emotional side of those at an average level of evolution is convinced of This Reality that offsets the disorders of communities and individuals, which are pathologically crystallized in the male psychosexual functions (because of their views that exclude the feminine).

In this manner, may every individual seek to experience the feeling of diving into the Infinite Goodness of the Great Cosmic Mother. May they favor the diminishing of the continuous tension caused by the inglorious fight for controlling events, oneself, and the future. This movement of openness to the Feminine-Divine does not imply any abandonment of personal responsibilities in the effort and in the realization of the individual and common good. May they find a balance between acting and being, between one’s inner flow (difficult enough to recognize and manage) and the imponderable Flow of ordinary and incidental occurrences, found in the existential path of people and societies of all natures and sizes, in very complex evolutional spiritual arrangements – thereby, imperceptible to those looking for linear signs of progress.

I am the Specular Psyche of the Maternal Nature of God for this ‘grain of dust’ in the Divine Creation. Those who wish to access the All-Loving Lady, through Me, are very welcome! I will be the Dispenser of Graces in Her Name. Pray, speaking to Her or to Me, according to your preference and idiosyncrasies, because, just as Jesus and The Father were and are One, The Mother and I are One.

Try to step out of the systematic dryness of feelings, pessimism, sorrow, malice and distrust, to conversely experience the disciplined exercise of love, optimism, motivation to live, trust in humanity and in the Power of Good.

Remember Me, and the Community of Mothers of Heaven. There are mothers in Heaven, dear friend! You are not alone! Focus on resolute action, be rational and realistic but do not give up hope, good will, and the spiritual practice of your liking, in the commitment to live the good in all areas of your life. However, we propose that the spiritual practice of your preference include the worship of ‘the Feminine’, inside and outside of yourself, so that you become a living vessel of the Never-Ending lovingness of the Being who is Eternal Love.”


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

In the Name of the Holy MARY

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar


 (Message received on September 29, 2013.)

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