The need for unity

Need for unity

The need for unity

A greater unity among Spiritualists, among Catholics, and among all other Christian denominations is necessary… The topic, however, is much broader, more serious, and profound, my friend.

Our Lord Jesus, from the height of the Cross, beseeched the Supreme Being: “Father, may we all be one.” The unity we need far transcends the narrow confines of the religious denominations. Humanity needs to unite as a whole, beyond the borders of creed, nationality, language, race, sexuality, and professional or social class, or in any other item of definition we create to separate ourselves from one another, in our everlasting moral insanity.

Whilst we look at each other with suspicion, with the crazy pretension of being superior or (delusion of delusions) God’s favorites, evil forces will be inspiring us, and we will be far from being in tune with the true Consciousness Level of the Christ of God, who asked us to love one another, including our enemies.

We have to wake up, while we can from our childish, perverse and genocidal dream of judging (in the unconscious level for some) that God has favorites and condemns individuals He-She created to perpetual and immeasurable suffering. Let us not perpetrate the sacrilegious error, so historically repeated, of basing ourselves on passages from the bible or other holy scriptures to endorse our psychopathic and unconfessed wickedness. These ancient and complex literary pieces of the religious traditions lend themselves to all kinds of interpretation. It is up to each reader to give the due respect to what is Sacred when seeking to understand the Everlasting words, the Spirit behind the letter, the subliminal aspects of these records, so archaic and many times translated, to avoid making ourselves blasphemous, projecting our human disturbances in messages of Celestial Origin.

Spirit: Themistocles.
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar.

May 5, 2015.

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