Wisdom and intuition

Wisdom and Intuition

Wisdom and intuition


Wisdom is the feeling that thinks. Intuition is the thought that feels.

Wisdom rarely makes mistakes, when based on authentic feelings; that is, when it is based on noble values, humanitarian ideals, spiritual principles, and not on common emotions naturally full of prejudices and cultural conditioning.

On the other hand, the pure and simple intuition—which consists of a complex way of thinking that is not rational (“a thought that feels,” as we said)—can far more easily fumble because the processes of thinking are structured on premises of interpretation of reality, on limitations, and on instruments of perception.

The wisdom, rooted in the deep elements of the psyche, has a more prominent character of timelessness in the conclusions it surmises. Whereas the intuition, as a more immediate way of dealing with situations and people, is more contextualized in the “historical-cultural” circumstances of the individuals that more strongly have it.

April 27, 2015

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