The application of time

The application of time 


How do you apply your time? 

When you offer your efforts to the organization you work for, do you try your best? 

Are you diligent and responsible with commitments made in the professional field? 

Do you try, systematically, to study subjects of your field of knowledge and action as well as those related to it? 

Do you dedicate part of your free time to constructive activities, not only in the professional sense, but also in the field of your affective realizations, among your family, in your community and in your group of friends? 

How much of your ideal have you been applying in your work? When you disembody, you will not judge yourself for having worked more or less, but for having done more or less for your brothers and sisters in humanity. 

Be careful, not to see your work merely as a source of material subsistence. Try to understand it as a means for society to organize itself to assimilate your usefulness to the common good. So, do, within the stipulated work hours or outside of it, something beyond your obligation, just for the pleasure of being helpful. Or, better yet: dedicate yourself to a voluntary occupation, in which you feel yourself exercising your humanity, in its purest expression of gratuity, generosity and unconditionality. 

 Lastly, and most importantly of all:  remember that you will only be counted, ultimately, in terms of consolidated evolution, on how much of wisdom and love you had developed in the archives of your spirit, as the structure of your soul. With this perspective, it will be easier for you to evaluate how much you may or may not be getting right in your professional choices, so that, later, you will not come to realize that you have turned your back on the most important assets of life, such as family and your vocation, only to have devoted the best of your time and your energy, in the condition of a mere piece in the gearing, of yours and of your institution, financial routine.  


Message from Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

January 16, 2006 

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