Effective attitude

Effective attitude  


If you are sad, remember that this is only about a single moment and that life is not defined by one instant, but rather by mental patterns that define the ideas, values and behaviors of an individual, establishing a positive or negative average of one’s existence. 

Now, if the clouds of the moment do not favor you; however, soon thereafter, they may very well be in your favor. Therefore, allow yourself to get out of the state of sadness, discouragement or revolt, so as to facilitate the arrival of a better tomorrow. 

The more correctly you react to this less happy instant, the better the future will be. Suffer, then, with dignity, understanding the pain as a learning mechanism. Do not give it much importance, so not to dramatize it and maximize it, by occupying the mind with less fortunate aspects of the situation, losing the chance to see its constructive nuances, the seeds of solution already present in the hour that passes.  

You can and should be creative. Difficulty is a stimulus to unfold latent potentials. Stop and think in a different way. With a little effort, you will be amazed at the results. In any case, to surrender to lamentation will not help you; rather, it will even worsen the situation. Your circumstance is subjected to your choice of attitude. In your attitude lies your power. And, in the realm of ideas, through the decision to think correctly and choose the best option, you will have the genesis of the best of attitudes… which will provide you happier existential contexts!  

Be on your own side. Exercise self-love. Invest in yourself. Work toward your deep self-fulfillment. All of this comes down to: stop complaining and instead act in favor of your own happiness and the happiness of your brothers and sisters in humanity.   


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar  

October 13, 2000 

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