Closed doors


Closed doors 

Beware of the locked doors of your life. If you cannot open them naturally, before breaking them down, ponder. Do they constitute a challenge to your determination or an invitation for a change of perspective? Commonly, God closes doors to paths that would plunge us into insanity, opening up others that promote our bliss. 

By interference of The Divine Mercy, often we find, in our existences, doors closed to the devastating immediatism, hedonism and materialism, or to the choices of work or of love life that would bring us bitter sufferings, so that we discover huge opportunity windows of profound realization in many ways, large Japanese windows open to the trails that leads to transcendence, to creativity, to true love… to lasting and legitimate happiness! 


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar. 

September 9, 2015. 

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