Major Saboteurs of Your Happiness

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspasia

They will try to silence the voice of your ideal. It is not a possibility: it is an inexorable phenomenon of the human existence. This is not, however, something sinister, an irremovable fatality, but a complex and constant challenge to your conscience, which then has the opportunity to consolidate its evolutionary trends.

Another curious point, regarding this bitter and inevitable reality, is that it should not be expected in scattered and horrible events. It happens everyday, in prosaic and silent ways, in small self-sabotages that the human creature allows happening, like the sneaky discouragement, the crisis of anger or sorrow, the escape from an essential commitment to a superfluous distraction.

There are enemies of your happiness everywhere, my friend, but mainly, within you. So, consider:

1 – The envy of friends, relatives, acquaintances or strangers.

Have you noticed that when you joyfully tell a group of people that you started a new activity of your ideal, such as prayers, charitable activities, studying or reading, it gets harder to keep on with it on the following days? Resist this temptation. Redouble efforts and persist in your new discipline, or it will quickly be gone, with an enormous difficulty to start it over.

2 – The contrary energies of disembodied enemies.

As much as it sounds strange to some and unpleasant to everyone, like the existence of microorganisms, which undermine the body’s health, it is a reality that we must protect ourselves from. The intelligences of the extra-physical dimension of life which are contrary to the spiritual progress of those in physical bodies try, in every way, with the use of subtle hypnotic tactics, to mislead those who are under their attack, to keep on the psycho-energetic exploitation of others, which is usually called vampirism. Thus, they keep feeding by mental resonance, tendencies that already exist in the individuals, maximizing the possibilities of fall.

3 – The destructive psychic vectors of the individual himself.

At last, we should never fail to take into account the existence of structures, in the intimate world of the individual himself, that “work” against his spiritual progress. This is not a contradiction: the human being is a conflictive being, full of curious complexities, with discrepant desires and antagonistic inclinations, which struggle to achieve hegemonic power over the conscious mind. It is, therefore, up to the aspirant to greater success and happiness, to the disciple of truth and good, not only to know himself very well, but also to manage his mental home, with criteria and discipline. This is the big battlefield of the spiritual evolution. It is exactly through the “negative” layers, if I may say so, of the individual’s mental structure that external destructive suggestions from the evilness or egotism of embodied or disembodied beings get in (which correspond to the two previous items).

I would not like to close this brief study, without considering another field of thought within this theme: the most typical manifestations of this tendency of self-sabotage at the heart of all creatures, be them self-motivated or caused by external agents. When any one of them tries to enter the stage of your conscious mental activity, fight them, with zeal and firmness, because they are the greatest enemies of your soul, your life, your happiness.

1) Discouragement.

To make it easier to understand the phenomenon, I will include here its variants such as: sloth, discouragement itself, boredom and fatigue. When discouragement shows up, observe if you are taking into account the principle of balance: if you are respecting the totality of your life, i.e., if you’re experiencing harmoniously and in equitable shares, all departments of existence, such as the  familial, the personal, the professional, the social, the spiritual, leisure, etc.; if you are acting correctly, in terms of ethics, spirituality and justice. If you are resting properly and nurturing your soul, as you should. And, if, in responding positively to these intimate questions, you continue feeling an insidious discouragement, just ignore it and continue working in the field of your ideal.

2) Guilt.

We all have regrets because of things we did, in this existence or in previous ones, on the physical or extra-physical plane of life, but paralyzing our efforts to fulfill the moral duties that the consciousness, the intuition and the ideal point out is more destructive and reprehensible than the error itself. A constant challenge to discernment, guilt disguises itself as a pseudo-dignity and it is a dark twin of its luminous sister, responsibility. It usually seduces noble characters, sinking them into a well of complaints, always counterproductive, preventing the realization of important and useful accomplishments, by destroying one’s self-esteem, and in more severe cases, leading one down the dark trails of new errors, equivalent to those which caused the state of remorse, or, perhaps, even graver ones. Whenever you feel visited by the tentacles of guilt, accept the mistake you have made (if it actually was a mistake), sincerely committing yourself to avoid repeating it (there is no absolute guarantee of non-recurrence) and act in order to compensate for the damages caused in others’ lives, or performing constructive tasks to even up your karmic ‘bank account’, now with negative balance, as guilt suggests.

3) Rage.

Anger, specific (about a person or a situation) or widespread, manifested in continuous irritation or bouts of ire and indignation, is one of the most dangerous ways of being in tune with evil forces. Be assertive, resolute and practical. Use the energy of indignation to correct something that needs reparation, but never put yourself in constant states of ire or even sorrow, one of anger’s masks. They are open doors to evil agents of the spiritual world to act in your life, against you and your beloved ones.

4) Judgment.

In the sense of systematically censure, disapprove and consider others inferior, because of the shortcomings or undesirable inclinations one finds in their character or personality. Whoever continually takes a critical standpoint about others, forgetting about one’s own shortcomings, puts oneself dangerously close to the border of the abyss of insanity. Besides, this state of mind brings all sorts of bitterness, discomfort and more nefarious situations to one’s life than those one condemns, precisely because of the focus on the worst side of people and things. And life, of course, lavishly answers to this so fervent and frequent black magic prayer, similar to another state of negative prayer that follows.

5) Pessimism.

The lack of belief in God, in goodness and in oneself, always expecting the worst in everything, is one of the most unfortunate trends of the souls who embark on the conceited notion of knowing and realizing everything, just because they already are smart enough to see the evil of the world. Yes: it is a signal of idiocy to not see the evil. But true intelligence is not limited to see the evil: it is smart enough to go beyond it, and see deep meanings and ultimate purposes of good in every expression of evil it perceives. Do not believe in pessimism: it is a false doctrine and a really bad mental habit. Exercise optimism and live it. Pessimism leads to sadness, tension and despair. It is a stupid and insane choice, therefore, of existential policy. Choose happiness: choose optimism. Seize the force of evil to learn and grow and focus on the best, on what gratifies you and makes you move forward.

There are other ways evil shows up, like through the subtle meanders of unpleasant emotions and feelings like jealousy, envy, greed and wickedness. Dealing with them requires the use of the same methodology of strategic and energetic combat, denying them mental citizenship in your soul. We detailed these five ones, because they are the most common and maybe the most harmful, due to their almost constant presence in the hearts of human beings. Other negative emotions and feelings like material attachment, can, however, be as harmful as the ones aforesaid.

Happiness, peace, balance, trust, love and the systematic practice of goodness are values that you should not evade for any reason. Any idea suggesting that you depart from these principles does not come from a divine source and is naturally suspicious.

Search your soul and let out the clandestine feelings and thoughts that stun you, dissecting their deep causes and replacing them for good ideas and good feelings. Do this or be taken by the disintegrating forces of your unconscious, which will loom into your conscious mental life as fearful psychic spells, stealing from you the energy to perform your best and inclining you to do your worst considering your possibilities, and psychological vectors and tendencies.

Message received on June 20, 2004.

*Eugênia-Aspasia, with her impressive synthesis and teaching abilities, wrote this seminal text for the pursuit of happiness and peace, in the exercise of tuning with the more appropriate mental frequencies which surround us daily.   (Medium’s note)

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