Coco Chanel, in her youth

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by Various Spirits


“I will put enmity between you (the serpent of Evil) and the Woman,

and between your seed and Hers”

(Genesis, 3:15)


The Christianity that will win.

“The victorious Christianity will be the one of Marian inspiration, which instead of preaching the cross, the fear, sin and hell, suggests the Life of Resurrection and the miracle of the wine of joy for the eternal Nuptials with God.”



Fundamental chromosome.

“Woman is chromosomally XX; man, XY. The common basis of humankind is the X – the element that, duplicated, generates a woman. Therefore, it is the feminine that best characterizes humankind.”

Dr. Temístocles.


Almost no scum.

“There is much less female than male prison population . Heinous crimes are committed by men in significantly larger number. Almost all Genocidal criminals in History were men. Nothing to add.”

Roberto Daniel.


The best of the human being.

“Women are more intuitive, sensitive, dedicated to family and friends, more responsible with professional or religious ideals, more careful with Nature.
The best of the human being, therefore”.

Gustavo Henrique.


Jesus and Mary.

Jesus showed us the discipline of carrying our own cross to serve God. Mary taught us to keep on doing the same, in a wedding ceremony, without abandoning Him during His crucifixion.

Sister Brígida.


Spiritual Guide of Humankind.

“The ‘anima’, the feminine in the human soul, is the archetype that leads to the psychological integration, the inspirer of the individuation process, in men as in women. The Feminine is the Spiritual Guide of Humankind.”

Dr. Demétrius.


Basis of Life.

“The woman and the feminine constitute the factor of congregation, harmony and creation in human nature and society, while the masculine represents the aggressive-accomplisher. The Feminine is the basis of Life.”



More united families.

“Families with more women tend to be more united. Men tend to get closer to their wives’ families than to their own. In women the zeal for, the development and the cure to the human hearts.”

Elvira Dias.


How and with whom?

“To cry on whose shoulder?

The mother’s or whoever represents her. To end and calm a fight, with no physical force? A woman. More sensitive, creative and intuitive men? Feminine, even if they are not gays.”

Maria Luiza.


Life’s best frame.

“Men design, combat, reason, execute and conquer. Women also gestate, breastfeed, nurture, shelter, embellish, polish, bring colors and soul to what is created, from a child to a skyscraper.”

Clóvis Mozart.


We leave to men.

“We leave to men the boring things such as gaining fortune and power. We prefer Arts, Psychology and Anthropology, the babies of all ages, to cry, laugh and cry again. To be happy and live to the full!”

Ildete Nabuco.


Heaven full of women.

“When incarnated, I said unhappy things about women. Today I see that I projected the negative side of my masculine nature on them. I regret it because I know now that Heaven, on Earth, is full of women.”

Fausto Machado.



“I met a guy who was a boaster. He spoke in rude ways and was always the last to determine everything in his life and in the life of those around him. But he died of grief in a few months, when he lost his wife: his center.”

Manuel Modesto.


Feminine characteristics.

“Kindness, sweetness, diplomacy, psychology when speaking and acting. Vocation to nursing, social service and all the professions that zeal, sustain and dignify the human being. All these are more common in women”.

Selma Barreto.


Woman – icon or perspective.

“When advertisers, politicians or businessmen want to sell a product or an idea, they use – sincerely or not – the beauty of women or the feminine perspective of offering what the customers want.”

Renato Otaviano.


The professional woman.

“The intelligent leader surrounds him or her with competent and honest women. The woman, generally, seeks to act in a correct way. A man usually focuses on his own career and personal gains.”

João Caetano.


Not having been born a woman.

“If I had been born a woman, I probably would not have suffered such strong influences to make the serious mistakes I have committed in my last existence. There are cultural factors, but the neurophysiological weigh a lot”

Dr. Hans.


Apocalyptical phallus.

“Thanks to men, we left the caves – said a lesbian feminist of the counter-movement. Thanks to women, we’d add, we will not destroy ourselves among stylized apocalyptic phalluses like the nuclear missiles.”

Laura Amazonas.

(Maxims received on November 1st, 2013)

(*) Very appropriate that, on the verge of the annual Event of the Quantum Leap Institute in UN headquarters in Manhattan, New York, eighteen Spiritual Friends have pronounced themselves about a theme that will inspire the eight lecturers of the night of November 12th of 2013, myself included, and the most responsible for the conduction of the reflections (including in the amount of time of the event, within the fours hours of the complete cycle of speeches) about such a capital issue for the salvation of human civilization in this planet, although it may not seem obviously related to the current crisis of different scales and nature. (Mediun´s note)

New Milford CT, USA,

November 1, 2013.