In the Experience of Error

In the experience of error

Resume your program of commitments with Life, with your brothers and sisters in humanity, with yourself and with God, wherever you see yourself straying from, neglecting or acting against the forces and flows of good.

Strengthen your conviction and enthusiasm, on the services you know you are providing as a determination of your conscience.

Transform guilt, fear and discouragement into responsibility, vigilance and discipline on the tasks pointed out to you by the claims of your soul.

Whatever the circumstance you find yourself into, remain lucid, in order to recognise that, correcting the course of your step, the way you walk and the direction you follow, constitute a work for all the time, in all areas of life.

Surely, we are not encouraging the paranoia of continually chasing errors in yourself. We urge you to seek the maturity to realize, realistically, the impossibility to escape human fallibility.

Focus on Goodness, always. But do not be frightened with the evil you discover in you or around your paths…

Instead of lamenting the inevitable, use it to your advantage, converting missteps into new lessons and incentives to succeed in greater extent and quality.

The experience of the fall, inherently, exists to foster the growth of the one who falls and must get up. However – and this is particularly what we suggest to you today –, if you are aware of the process and allow yourself to collaborate with it, you will see the shortening of present afflictions, as well as the anticipation and maximization of future joys.

Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
In the Name of the Holy MARY
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

(Message received on May 17, 2014.)

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