The hidden and true meaning of the rosary and the prayer of penance, requested by the Great Mother of Humanity


The hidden and true meaning of the rosary and the prayer of penance, requested by the Great Mother of Humanity 

 Visit from the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 03   


The Woman-Sun appeared dazzling, once more, in Her Motherly Majesty to our select audience, and — in a more solemn and sad tone, exuding indefinable melancholy in Her Glance, asking us to spread this Message as much as possible —, said: 

“I want to clarify, for the woman and the man of today, two old requests, which I had reiterated through more than one intermediary over the centuries: the daily prayer of the rosary and the practice of systematic penance. 

The daily prayer of the rosary implied meditation and mentalization, so collectively necessary, around the Image of the Divine Feminine, as I explained the reasons for it to be so, in My last Visit. 

As for the suggestion attributed to Me: ‘Do penance for the conversion of sinners,’ as it was propagated by other mediums who, poor things, did not have the conditions to understand Me correctly, due to intellectual limitations or prejudices of the time in which they lived, there had been a deeper and more serious corruption of the meaning, and not exactly a concealment of the definition. What I intended to say was: ‘Work for the transmutation, extension and improvement of the level of consciousness in which you are, through the discipline of the continuous practice of the good, including the indispensable inner counterpart of the good feelings, so that it can generate an effect, a ripple effect (according to the number of those who would had attended My call), of transformative, psychic influence or through the force of example, over beings in a more sufferable stages of evolution. 

Please, spread these Words, to as many people as possible, in the most persuasive way feasible, for I suffer, century after century, with the unnecessary and counterproductive sufferings self-inflicted, in My Name, by devotees of My Person. I would never propose the cult to pain, specially Me who asked Jesus to provide more wine for a marriage celebration (1); nor did Jesus, who endorsed the prophet Hosea: ‘I want mercy, and not sacrifice (2).’ The Plane of Good wants the happiness of all creatures and not their mortification. Let us also remember what the Christ Verb of Truth affirmed: ‘I have come so they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way (3).’  

May all my sons and daughters experience happiness — happiness, in the only way there is, so that it is consistent, profound and definitive: with peace of conscience, in the proper fulfillment of the Christian duties of constant solidarity, in all departments of their existences. “ 


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, 

by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia, 

in the Name of Holy MARY. 

October 6, 2013 


(1) John, 2: 3 

(2) Matthew, 9: 11-13 (Hosea, 6:6) 

(3) John 10:10 

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