The Suggestion of the Evil. (And how to defeat it)

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Gustavo Henrique

Ignore the forces of the darkness that want to set you against those who, exactly, you love most or love you most, or those who most do good to you. Be aware whenever you feel fired up against the most important people in your life. The criminal agencies and intelligences devoted to evil work hard to put you against the work you have been entrusted by God, against those experiences that better lead you to higher states of consciousness, against occupations, disciplines and habits, as well as relationships that activate the best part of your being, feeling and acting.

Every time you feel dizzy in front of the abyss, gather yourself in prayer and, in your mind, listen to the suggestions of peace. Nothing makes sense when you are ridden by preventions, fears and uncontrollable and intractable anger. Solve first your state of mind and, only then, consider how to act in relation to the person or issue that, at the time of anguish, seems to be the representative of evil or the element contrary to your happiness and peace.

In short, be happy, establishing the fort of your happiness on the indestructible foundation of the peace of mind: serenity, the fulfilment of moral, relational, and spiritual duties that you know are essential to make you feel at ease with yourself.

Do that, and you will notice, surprised, the muscle of self-control dilate, in power, as  you will find yourself less receptive and vulnerable to the influences of moral, spiritual, psychological, affective and human severance.

Message received on January 4, 2009.

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