Commit yourself to the ideal of Light, at least as much as you do with regard to the material domain of life.
Subatomic Physics reveals that, in its first and last substance, matter is a concentrate of information and consciousness, an infinite core of possibilities, of Light… It is on This Same Light that, when condensed, matter is generated in its axial layers, that we suggest you focus your attention on, because It is the Light of Wisdom, of Love and of Full Realization of the Being!

It is the syntropy (the counterpart of entropy, which governs matter, tending to a progressive chaos), the mysterious source of Life, that organizes, complexifies, and gives purpose to everything, from subatomic particles to parallel universes…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Matheus-Anacleto.
Message received on December 09, 2012.

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