My Biggest Mistake

If I was still incarnated, today I would complete 110 years of age. My last life, in the material domain of existence, was a long one, beyond the expectations of my youth, and full of learning, as I would never conceive, even in my adulthood.

A message, however, I consider important to be transmitted, as the greatest lesson I have learned from my last passage through Earth’s dense surface. It is that nobody should give logic and reason more relevance than that they must have, in the scenery of human mind.

Sensibility, intuition, ideal, love, vocation, ecstasy… How rich is life in endless possibilities, to be limited to the narrow spectrum of basest calculations of what can be observed objectively, physically and sensorially!

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
By the Spirit Clóvis Mozart.
Aracaju/SE, 03/12/2012.

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