Noticing the pain with you

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eustáquio

Where you notice your heart hovering, stuck, see if you can find peace too. In the point of your pain, your lesson, clotted, waits for your decision to properly unveil it and assimilate it.

Review your past and ponder: what needs to be done now, so you give way to the future? What, at present, remains to be done, so that things happen the best way?

Today, in the turmoil of your suffering, the Christ writhes and tells you: “Hold steady, my son: the suffering that visits you is a sign from Eternity that reaches you. Learn, learn.”

You believe to find a medieval thought in this suggestion, but you can understand it as an invitation to happiness, to progress, since growth and achievement are only possible through confronting and overcoming the conflict (Psychology), through the realization of the objective, the practical and the settling in a given situation (Business Administration), through pondering, evaluating and comparing all elements, so you reach good conclusions (Chemistry and Physics). Escaping from the problem has never been the solution.

So, finding yourself surrounded by a difficult situation, ponder and go on. The evil forces may set up barricades around you. However, there is nothing greater than the Divine Light’s resolving power and protection, which closely follows you, when you put your heart on His/Her lap, everyday.

So, dear friend, stay calm when you see dark clouds over you. Remember what the Master said: “Only wolves fall into wolf traps.”

Message received on November 16, 2004.



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