The Practical Truth of Every Day


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Anacleto

Then you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free, the great maxim of Christ, means that instead of listening to emotions, one should seek a vantage point in where impartiality of reason and common sense can prevail. Not for cold reasoning, in the game of immediate and egotistic interests, but for not being dragged by the conveniences and moods of the moment.

Try to observe logic and ethics above everything. Pure logic can become rationalization of personal interests. Ethics by itself can become cheap moralism. Strive to find the plumb line between practicality and dignity, what we could call ethical pragmatism.

Strive continuously to develop and maintain this pattern of lucidity of who does not want to get caught and seduced by the circumstances and forces of an instant. Make efforts to become, in fact, the master of yourself, establishing the guidelines of what you want, how you want it and what you want it for, regardless of what comes from the outside, although, paradoxically open to suggestions and information from outside. This is to be with the truth, the personal truth achievable at a certain level of consciousness. This is to free oneself from the slavery of external influences and being oneself, as much as possible.

(Message received on July 05, 2001.)

(Translated by Paulo Andrade – Revised by Marcone Vieira)

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