Apparently Frustrated Effort

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the spirit Gustavo Henrique

Failure happened to you again. You prepared yourself, you did everything within your reach, you tried and, the spectacular fall happened, despite everything.

Revive yourself, friend, and return to the blessed work that redeems your spirit from old errors in which you entangled yourself, improving the signal with the high frequencies of consciousness and moving you away from the animal primitivism accrued in the long past.

Do not desist of dreaming, of fighting for your ideals, of comforting yourself among those who share your point of view and your faith, so that external forces, contrary to the ascension impulse that moves you, do not come to weaken your spirits, putting to waste the precious opportunity of this reincarnation.

Before the current descent to the stage of evolutionary battles in the body of flesh, you experienced the pain of doubt – whether you would succeed or not in the rare opportunity that would be opened to your destiny, by enveloping yourself in an organic cocoon, in order to learn and transcend yourself. Do not make real your fears, from when still outside of the material world. Do not postpone your opportunity of rehabilitation with the Divine Law and alignment with Its Will, to a distant and, by now, hypothetical future. Now is your moment to smile, triumphant, before the invaluable opportunity to resurrect from the ashes, like the mythological Phoenix; to be born again from the death of your dreams, like the resurrected Christ, rising from the tomb of your existential nightmares.

No longer leave for a tomorrow that always repeats itself, this undeferrable project. Not that you have to do a lot or all at once. Content yourself with little, but a little that is continuous, like the gigantic dam that is erected stone by stone, until the enormous wall, made of tiny stones, acquires enough power to retain the huge mass of water.

You assume that you’re entangled in an inextricable web of complications. Focus on small initiatives and improve yourself a tiny bit every day, and you will see how sinple gestures, expressed from the heart, with dedication and persistence, are capable of accomplishing real wonders.

(Message received on February 05, 2001.)
(Translated by Paulo Andrade – Revised by Marcone Vieira)

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