Inner Pressure in the Dance of Life

Benjamin de Aguiar
by the Spirit Eugênia

You feel an inner pressure, as if your mind was a time bomb about to explode. However, when you are up against that, at least as a technique to relax and regain strength, we can tell you this: see life always through its positive side. Observe the numerous aspects of your existence that make you a happy person.

There are, indeed, many negative, hard, even hostile elements in the framework of your existential circumstances. However, they are all lessons to be assimilated and stimuli to be absorbed, towards higher levels of understanding of things, as well as life experiences of happiness. See the conflicting vectors of life – almost all of them – as parts of a magnificent piece of ballet. Every movement apparently opposite from other composes, actually, the subtle nuances of the beauty of the whole.

You are a dancer of life. More than that, you are also a choreographer, who composes, in partnership with the great Composer-Conductor of Life, an evolving storyline that will unfold: you co-produce, experience and create it a little at every moment. God offers you the stage and the music; you do the dance, the choreography of your existence, of your destiny, through the steps of every moment of choice, decision and use of your free will.

Do not be discouraged, my friend. Try to keep your rhythm in time with the melody of opportunities, events, so that, in the flow with the piece you perform and dance, you can make your performance fit perfectly with the body of work, embellishing it, magnifying it.

Yes, you have huge shortcomings. You will have, for a long time, to deal with the lack of mental flexibility that stiffens the joints of your soul in the great dance of creativity and flexibility, faced with the complex challenges that life offers you. However, be sure to present yourself as well as possible, with modest steps, but do not leave the stage because you are not the star of the party.

There are no stars, actually. There is only a constellation. The time it was thought that isolated individuals could make a difference is gone. Today, only with the idea of networks, teams, interconnections, it is possible to conceive power, durability and efficiency. See yourself then, happily, as a mere piece of the machinery, but a living piece, with autonomy and decision-making. And you`ll realize that by intuiting your exact place in the concert of things, you will be much happier and peaceful.

(Message received on March 5, 2001)
(Translated by Iris Souza – Revised by Luciane Dias)

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