Assembly I

Benjamin de Aguiar by Diverse Spirits

Every day is an opportunity to transcend oneself, not for a spectacular leap towards enlightenment but in little daily victories: a little gesture of kindness with a stranger that you’re not used to; smiling a little more than usual; more patience and tolerance with troubled people. Improving yourself a little every day is also an exercise of transcendence, even if it is not a spectacular quantum leap of inner quality.


Break the secrecy within yourself. A lot of people still keep lots of secrets from themselves, oblivious of the fact that one cannot lie to oneself. Explore the dark spots of your soul; make yourself aware of your most hidden weirdness, motivations and intentions. Do not be afraid to
face yourself as you really are. Only those who know themselves can outdo themselves. Only those who outdo themselves internally can in fact outdo externally. No one can be honest to others before being honest to oneself. Seek the essential coherence between your behavior and your genuine state of mind, and you’ll have more harmony, peace and balance. Trust yourself. And do not be afraid of what you find. There isn’t much pretty stuff to see inside you, but it is exactly by getting deeper into these studies, this visceral darkness, that you will be able to find the Light of God’s Presence, and all golden talents which can ease your happiness and success in every way.


Take your time listening to what your hearts asks you for: there may be hidden pearls waiting to be uncovered. The mystery of attraction holds precious opportunities of learning and growth. Falling in love, for instance, makes two very incompatible personalities, difficult to cope with each other, get close for a mutual enrichment, on the process of arranging different elements. The passion for an ideal, a profession or a kind of leisure have similar motivational roots. Desires, inclinations, wills and aspirations, everything is a disguised impulse to the evolutionary direction most needed in a certain moment of one’s background as a consciousness in a continuous process of development.


Take your homework of the school of evolution. In other words: enjoy your leisure time to grow. Do not take seriously only those moments when you are working or devoted to humanitarian services. Not only should one seek pleasant motivations at work, so that creativity and performance are greater, but also give relaxing moments a more serious character, since leisure time can represent a substantial advantage even in the job market. For instance, why spend so many hours watching TV, as the average citizen of the so-called developed countries, if at least part of this time can be invested on worthwhile reading or researches on the Internet? There are those that spend these leisure times destroying themselves, like parents that drink too much alcohol on weekends. And there are those that have fun investing on their potential, like teenagers that become virtual modern logic experts. Each one chooses his pleasure, and his fate.


(Message received on April 24th 2001)

(Translated by Luciane Dias)

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