The Obvious Way Out

Benjamin de Aguiar
by the Spirit Roberto Daniel.

Hey Buddy:

Do you feel tired? Take a break, slow down your pace of work, allow yourself more leisure time.

Are you sad? Do something cheerful, try to have fun, take a walk, go to the movies, ask your wife out to a candle-light dinner in a fancy restaurant (or in the backyard).

Are you feeling dull? Focus on activities that cheer you up… dedicate yourself to the activities of your ideal, to faith, to your vocation.

Do you feel involved by forces of the dark? Pray more, meditate. Be kind, forgive, focus your mind on God and on His Emissaries.

Do these suggestions seem too obvious to you? Then, what’s the alternative? Complain? Blame the others? Curse God and doubt his existence?

Do you like to create those complex webs of causation for every question of your life and for life as a whole, enjoying yourself with the imbrications of meaning and consequences of each neurotic nuance along the way?

Ah… so you like good intellectual and emotional masturbations, more than being happy and in peace with yourself and the world. You prefer to think of yourself as smart for seeing everything dark, instead of being wise, finding happiness despite everything…

Stop confusing and entangling yourself in your own thoughts – focus on the results. Try to be practical and seek the well-being of those around you and yours.

By doing this, you will survive your problems. You will solve them, one by one, and more: you will live much happier than you can now imagine.

Message received on January 25, 2005.
Revision: Delano Mothé

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