Morning Reflection – 10.

If you feel some vague, sneaky, but constant impression, draining your self-esteem and whispering that you are unfit, incompetent, unworthy, do not worry: be welcome to mankind on Earth. The consumerist-competitive-materialistic culture suggests that only the most beautiful, intelligent, heroic and accomplished have the right to be esteemed and respected. Do not believe this fallacy and fight it with strength. You are unique, you are a human being, you are a child of god, and only by the specific contribution of your originality, of your singularity, is that the world will be more complete, or God would not have made you the way you are, as you can be, what you can become, in the current stage of your evolutionary process.


Christ lives in the heart of every creature, like the air under the wings of a bird. Constant, present, it sustains their flight, but it does not exempt the bird of flapping the wings. So are we immersed in this air of the Presence of Christ, and we must make it as positive as possible, by the clever spins we come to produce with the wings of our freedom and attitude.

Sister Brigida.

Beware of contempt for the family, and each of the elements that constitute it. The person who is by your side is a hidden angel, often tolerating you, loving you despite your flaws, seen from up close, without the protection of the social conventions. Hug them, listen to them, kiss them, feel them, and above all: value them. Very natural that we belittle those who follow alongside us, exactly because they are by our side. Only when we lose them is that we realize how much we were happy and didn’t notice it. Do not dream with ideal relations, do not speculate how your life would be with others. This is mere conjecture. And the reality is, that not being perfect, the problems you face today, most probably would be brought to the relationship with whom you think is ideal, perhaps in even higher levels of discomfort.

Selma and Eugenia.

(Texts received by the medium Benjamin Teixeira, on March 27, 2001.)

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