Morning Reflection – 9.

Benjamin Teixeira
by the spirit

You feel compelled, by the culture of mass production, to push yourself further, constantly. Pressing the mind, however, does not make it produce more – it might, quite the opposite, lock its delicate mechanism. And if, moreover, you begin to understand the need to rest, in order to make yourself more creative, or reduce the pace, in order to be more efficient, relieving your own stress, it would be a huge setback to blame yourself for healing your neuroses.

Relax. Life passes quickly, but one of the easiest ways of losing it is to live in a hurry. Appreciate the opportunities life offers you, develop a sense of urgency, and, therefore, learn to stop so you can feel with more intensity, think with more clarity and act with more rightfulness.

(Text received on March 27, 2001.)

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