Morning Reflection – 7.

Benjamin Teixeira
by the spirit

Whenever you go off the tracks, recant. Do not feel hurt for having slipped. You have the right to fail, and the duty to forgive yourself. If you have slipped, immediately recover the trail of your guidelines. Do not assume you are unable to follow your ideals, because it is difficult to do so. If it were easy, it would not be an ideal.

This way, restart today what was interrupted yesterday, and retake the line of achievements that you weave, day by day. If you had to restart several times the rug you are weaving, it’s possible that the Great Weaver plans for you a much better finished work: you perfect yourself when you have to go back and restart the effort, as well as the rough sketches you drew are undone to give way to a masterpiece that will be your final accomplishment.

Therefore, when you fall, rather than being discouraged, you must be thrilled: you are now better prepared not to fall during the next opportunity of temptation, weakness and fear.

(Text received on March 27, 2001.)

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