Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the spirit Roberto Daniel.

Ah… you do not want to forgive? Ok, no problem – die of cancer, have a nervous breakdown or suffer from rheumatic arthritis; perhaps, a little of these three options.

To pray is hard? You cannot concentrate? Your faith is weak? Do not pray, then. Deactivate noble regions of neurophysiology of the brain and do not stimulate unique mental powers – which have been used by prominent men and women of all areas of human knowledge and action, in all times and cultures –, such as ESP (Extra Sensorial Perception), intuition, super consciousness and paranormal powers, that numerous studies indicate every human being has, at some level.

It is hard to find time to read, study and get updated, isn’t? All right – remain ignorant and outdated, and expose yourself to the incalculable risk of being uneducated in a world increasingly more complex and confusing, in all senses.

You suffered a lot of deception, you disbelieve everyone and you think you are not going to trust anybody else… “Alright!” It is a life option, yes! Be paranoid, be afraid of your own shadow, do not relax even with your spouse, doubt your children’s love, and do not open yourself to anyone. If possible, lock yourself atop of a tower, in the middle of a desert, to avoid the danger of contact with others’ evil and malice.

Do you believe it is hard to discipline yourself and set goals of temperance for you? It is, also, a choice. So, give yourself over to indiscipline, to all sorts of addiction, and let yourself slip into decadence, self destruction and in the ruin of all power and motivation to manage your own life.

Do you want to give up believing there is a Creator and that there is life beyond matter, just because God does not fit in your head and continuing to exist in another dimension of life sounds too surreal? Although It seems to me very stupid and presumptuous on your part, you have this right: see those you love most and yourself as a handful of molecules accidentally organized, as well as every culture, civilization, purpose and human achievements as abstractions devoided of meaning, and life, in general and completely, like an empty circumstance that could very well be suspended at any time, being missed by no one, as nothingness would be, from now on and forever, the only essence of everything.

In all these options I showed to you, pal, you can choose between being assertive, resolute, lucid and sensible, or abandon good, entrusting yourself to the laziness of evil, that intends to have everything reduced to nothing. At first glance, it always seems more comfortable to renounce the effort of being assertive about good, of edifying it around you and within yourself, than to give yourself over to the convenience of denying it. Yet, it will be only through action, applied in the construction of the best, within and without ourselves, that we will find meaning to live, hope, joy, ideal, love and happiness.

Ponder well what you think is best for you, and live, in the market of personal choices, the free enjoyment of your free will, in the most judicious way within your reach… because, pal, if you opt for the wrong path, others might even suffer the repercussions of your bad decision, but no one will, as much as you, be so squashed by the devastating consequences…

(Text received in January 22nd, 2008)

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