At Peace.

At peace

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the
Spirit Eustaquio.

When invited to the feast of madness;
When you feel you are in debt with your consciousness;
When you realize that you are turning your mind away from the focus of your ideals;
When you assume you are worthless for the works of God;


That others before you overtook the ascent of the spiritual mountain, with identical or worst difficulties than yours.
Look at the sky above and beyond you – everything on Earth passes but the Good and everything related to it, because it comes from God.
Today, you may be feeling unmotivated and without perspectives, surrounded by difficulties or strangled by diverse pressures. The day will come, however, that your heroic effort of persistence and love will be successfully crowned, and you’ll finally be happy and at peace.

(Text received on February 19th, 2005.)

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